Talent Rises from the Dead!

Talent Skatepark makes an epic comeback.

The local skateboard community mourned when Talent Skatepark and Shop closed its doors this past August after almost 17 years in business. Talent was the largest indoor skatepark and full-service skate shop in northern New England, and when it closed, sad hugs were shared and tributes poured in. So many skaters who knew that Talent had saved their lives wondered how the void could be filled.

That’s when a passionate group of parents, who had seen first-hand how much their children benefited from Talent, came together with a mission to create a reborn Talent. After many productive meetings—and lots of guidance from original owner Hannah Deene Wood—Talent has come back to life as a non-profit organization.

Over the years, skateboarding has provided a path for so many kids who are reluctant to engage in team sports. Skateboarders can fly freely around a skatepark on their own terms without the pressure of team participation. And with the ever-growing intrusion of technology in young people’s daily activities, the critical need to foster more movement and personal interaction in today’s youth has never been higher.

“We weren’t done working within our community,” says Hannah Deene, “but the world changed, and the convenience of online shopping pulled away loyal customers. Regardless, there is still a huge population of skateboarders who need a place to hone their skills, as well as a safe haven that they can consider a second home. We see the Vermont skate community as a family that provides support and inspiration to athletes.”

While we are working hard to create a new Talent Skatepark, it won’t be ready before winter. To keep the hype alive and the enthusiasm growing, we’re thrilled to invite the community to our first Talent Skatepark fundraiser and reunion. Save the date of January 12th for our Talent family reunion at Arts Riot, featuring local favorites Rough Frances and standup comic Richard Bowen. 

Tax deductible donations can be made mailed to:
Talent Skatepark, Inc
P.O. Box 4632, Burlington, VT 05406-4632
Questions? skate@taletnskatepark.org